Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I've got a secret! Beauty Secret Hardener

I have always had some serious trouble with my nails. They break, their brittle, they can never grow out, and when they try they are always peeling and getting chips and just looking awful in general.
I've always tried to keep my nails painted, just because it was something that I enjoy doing, as well as I think it's one of the absolute easiest things to change and make your day that much better! Over the years, I've stopped going to places to get manicures and pedicures because, let's face it, that adds up quickly, and I've found out that with a few select products I can make my nails look just as good as they do for a fraction of the price. And who doesn't love to save money?!
Well recently, I stumbled across something as I was looking for a new top coat, because even though I loved my old one, I'm one of those people that just wants to try everything they can get their hands on and I always feel like there is probably something better out there that I just don't know about it.
I can honestly say that since I have found the "Beauty Secrets Hardener" that my search is truly over. I don't think that I could find a better topcoat than this one!
Let me get into why I love this top coat so much.
Like I said, I have always had problems with my nails, and I started using this top coat about 2 weeks ago, and I barely have any of those problems anymore. Even after removing my nail polish I can see a huge difference in my nails. They are noticeably stronger, they don't peel, they are actually holding up and able to grow to a decent length! For someone that has never had nice nails before, this is extremely exciting for me! I can honestly say that I have natural white tips on all my fingers as of right now, and I'm pretty sure that that has never happened before.
I can also tell you that when I try and "bend" my thumb nail, it used to bend easily and it would put up barely no fight, and now I can't even bend it! That is how much this product has strengthened my nails. Now, just so everyone can understand, this is all I have been putting on my nails that has a hardener in it, I have not been using china glaze polishes or anything like that. In fact, since I've started using this two weeks ago, I've only given myself 3 different manicures!
Now that's the next aspect. If you're just looking for an awesome top coat, then you've found that as well! Like I just stated, I have only given myself 3 different manicures in two weeks, and even then they weren't really warranted. My nails had minimal chipping, and even then, it was only on my right hand, which is my dominant hand. And it was only on my index fingers and middle finger. Which I figure is accelerated by writing, and zippers. Nothing chips your nail polish faster than pesky zippers in my opinion!
But I alternated between an essie polish, wet n wild and now I'm onto sally hansen xtreme wear. I just took off my wet n wild manicure yesterday and it still looked as good as it did the first day except for those few trouble spots.
The last thing that I want to mention is the finish of this top coat. It is definitely a high gloss, which I personally love. It really makes my nails look like they are acrylic, and I have been asked by several people where have I gotten my nails done.
I know for sure that when I run out of my little bottle, I will definitely be purchasing the bigger bottle.
Now onto what scares some people, the price. For an amazing product, you are going to be paying....
$2.99 for 5/8 oz!
Yes. Less than half the price of Seche Vite, without all the harmful chemicals, and fairly easily accessible. If you have a Sally Beauty store, then you can find this there, or you can always order from them offline.
Link to Sally's
The bigger bottle is 2.5 oz and is just $5.99, but I purchased the smaller bottle before buying the big one, just so that I would be able to try it out!
Anyway, I hope that you all found this review helpful and that you will try out this top coat!
If you've already tried it, I would love to hear your thoughts! What are your favorite top coats beside this one?
Stay gorgeous! :)

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  1. I just bought this hardener last month. I had bought 2 and got the 3rd bottle free. I have been using it for a week. I really like it. It doesn't chip or peel off like Sally Hansen's Hard as Nail's does and my nails do grow and are hard. I give this hardener an A+